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Peter Marshall

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These images were taken on one or more of my trips to Paris in 1973.

A small selection of these images were my first photographs to be published, featured in a UK photographic magazine in 1973. Over 30 years of storage under poor conditions the negatives have noticeably deteriorated. Recently I have begun to make scans from these negatives in order to continue to make prints from them.

Prints are available from all of these images, printed to approximately 7x10 inches on A4 rag paper using archival inks. Careful digital retouching has minimised the effects of the deterioration, but it may still be visible on close inspection in some areas. Images will differ slightly from those on the web in cropping and tonality.

For a limited time, these prints are available at the special price of £95 per print.
Post and packing in the UK is £5 per order (any number of prints.)
Please ask for other countries.

Terms: Cash with order only. Normally dispatch is within 14 days of receipt of order. Cheques in UK pounds, payable to 'Peter Marshall'

Please send order with the reference numbers from the pages concerned to:

Peter Marshall
31 Budebury Rd
Middx, TW18 2AZ